Frequently Asked Questions


  • Why should I buy WildWash when I can just wash my pet with soap or baby shampoo?

    Because your pet’s skin is actually far more sensitive than a human baby’s skin and far less acid. WildWash Products are pH balanced to be ultra mild and perfectly suited your pet’s skin. They will not leave residue in the fur or cause itching, dryness or dandruff.

  • Why is WildWash different from other pet shampoos?

    WildWash Shampoos are guaranteed to be completely natural and free of parabens, sulfates, phosphates, phthalates, petrochemicals, PEGs, animal fats and palm oils. All the ingredients in WildWash Products are human grade. We also list every ingredient on the bottle, this is not law and lots of pet products hide their ingredients. We are very proud of ours so we want you to see them! It is safe for the pet owner, their pets and the environment.

  • How often can I wash my pet with WildWash?

    WildWash Shampoos use naturally derived ingredients and contain no harsh chemicals so are gentle enough to use as often as you wish.

  • Which WildWash Shampoo should I use?

    Please refer to our ‘Find Your Perfect Match’ table which you can find on our website or on the Poster displayed at your WildWash Retailer. This will give you all the information to help you choose the perfect WildWash Product for your pet. If you would like some further help please email us at

  • How much should I use?

    Our WildWash Pro range is concentrated. It can be used neat but will last a lot longer if diluted, so you will only need a very small amount of WildWash Shampoo to bath your pet. Our WildWash mixing bottles give you the perfect dilution rate and make it very easy to wash your pet. A 300ml bottle of WildWash Pro Shampoo should be enough for at least 10 baths! 

  • Can WildWash Shampoos be used with flea control products?

    Yes, all of our Shampoos are compatible with topical flea formulations. However, your pet should not be bathed for 48 hours following application.

  • Do WildWash Shampoos deter fleas?

    Yes, all of our Shampoos contain Neem, which is a natural flea deterrent and regular shampooing should help keep fleas at bay. Our Shampoo for Dark or Greasy Coats, which contains Sweet Orange and Mandarin; our Shampoo for Light Coloured Coats with Lemon and Lime and our Shampoo for Deep Cleaning and Deodorising, which contains Peppermint and lemongrass are particularly effective.

  • Can I use WildWash Shampoo for my new puppy?

    Yes, all of our Shampoos are tearless and can be used on puppies from 6 weeks of age although we do recommend using WildWash Shampoo for Sensitive Coats on young animals.

  • Can I use WildWash Shampoo on my other pets?

    Yes, WildWash Shampoo is safe and gentle enough to use on all your pets, though for small furries, we do recommend that you use WildWash Shampoo for Sensitive Coats, which does not contain any essential oils and is fragrance-free.

  • What Does Vet Approved Mean?

    WildWash is now sold and recommended by many vets in the UK. The response to WildWash in veterinary surgeries has been so positive that we regularly get testimonials of thanks from the vets themselves!

  • What does dilute 32-1 Mean?

    All our shampoos are concentrated. This means they can be diluted in a ratio of 32 to 1 with water. The benefits of this are that the shampoo lasts far longer than a regular pet shampoo and therefore works out much cheaper. A 300ml bottle should give you at least 10 washes for a large dog and 20 washes for a small dog. We do sell WildWash mixing bottles which give you exact measurements. The shampoos are also absolutely fine to use neat too.


  • How often can I wash my cat?

    All WildWash Products are pH balanced to perfectly suit your cat’s skin and are gentle enough to use as often as wished.

  • Can I use all WildWash Shampoos on my cat?

    We recommend using our WildWash Pro Shampoo for Sensitive Coats, Puppies, Cats and Kittens as our general cat shampoo or our WildWash Pet Cat Shampoo with catnip. The shampoos we recommend for cats do not contain any fragrant essential oils and some cats can be very sensitive to smells – even the ones we find delicious! However, there is no reason why you cannot use most of our Shampoos with the following exceptions. 

    We also do not recommend using anything with citrus on your cat, as a very tiny percentage of cats can be allergic. For this reason, we suggest you do not use our Shampoo for Dark or Greasy Coats which contains Sweet Orange and Mandarin, our Shampoo for Light Coloured Coats which contains Lemon and Lime and our Fragrance No.2 Shampoo which contains grapefruit.

  • Is WildWash safe to use on my new kitten?

    Yes, WildWash is gentle enough to use on kittens from 6 weeks of age. As kittens can be particularly susceptible to smells, we recommend using only our Shampoo for Sensitive Coats on very young animals.

  • My friend is allergic to my cat, would washing help?

    Yes, definitely. Most allergic reactions between human and cat are from the residual saliva and dander in a cat’s fur. Shampoo your cat and also thoroughly vacuum your home to get rid of any stray hairs before your friend’s visit and we are sure that any allergies will be vastly reduced.

  • Can I use WildWash Shampoo in conjunction with topical flea products?

    Yes, all WildWash Products are compatible with topical flea preparations. Do not bathe your cat however until 48 hours after the application of the flea product.

  • Can I use WildWash Perfumes on my cat?

    We generally do not recommend using WildWash Perfumes on a cat as although it will not harm them, they are usually not overly fond of scents and in any case, will immediately start grooming themselves and lick it all off!


  • I have been hearing great things about WildWash, but are the Shampoos cost effective to use in my Grooming Salon?

    Absolutely. All WildWash Shampoos dilute genuinely at 32-1, giving a whole litre of product from just 30ml (1 x WildWash Pump) of Shampoo. You should get at least 150 washes from each Groomer’s size 5 Litre bottle of WildWash Shampoo. 

    We have compared the cost of WildWash with most of the cheaper shampoos, which dilute less, and WildWash works out less expensive in 99% of comparisons. 

    As our WildWash Shampoo gets the coat so clean and leaves no residue, we find that drying time is reduced by up to 25%, saving time and money.

  • Does WildWash Shampoo make lots of foam and bubbles?

    WildWash Shampoos contain no Sulfates which are harsh chemicals that create masses of foam to give the illusion that a product is super cleaning! Our Shampoo creates a pleasing, creamy lather, which thoroughly and completely cleans the coat and rinses out easily leaving no residue. Foam and bubbles do not clean a coat and take a long time to rinse out and almost always leave a chemical residue which can blunt blades and scissors and prolong drying time.

  • Can I use WildWash Shampoo in my Hydrobath?

    Yes, WildWash is excellent for use in Hydrobaths as it does not over-foam. Just one WildWash pump of shampoo is plenty to create a lovely lather and you have peace of mind that there are no chemicals to build up residue in pipes etc.

  • I have a Mobile Grooming Business, would WildWash be good for me?

    Yes, definitely. There has been a lot of concern from the Department of the Environment and Public Health Bodies about Mobile Groomers discharging their wastewater directly into roadside drains. Roadside drains take stormwater and do not run into the sewer system but filter out to lakes and ponds. Huge problems can be caused to wildlife and the environment by chemicals leaking into these bodies of water. As WildWash is completely natural and contains no harmful chemicals it is completely safe to discharge straight into the wastewater system and will cause no harm whatsoever. 

    Using WildWash Shampoos will enhance your reputation as a first class, responsible Mobile Groomer who is taking care of their wastewater emissions.

  • I have lots of new puppies in my salon. Is WildWash safe to use and is it Tearless?

    Yes, WildWash is safe to use on any puppy from the age of 6 weeks and all our Shampoos are formulated to be completely Tearless, so are fine to use for puppies and faces, generally.

  • I have a lot of matted dogs, which have to be shaved off in my salon, is there any point in my using WildWash Shampoo?

    Yes, most definitely. Dogs with matted fur can have underlying skin problems as the skin cannot breathe under the mats and will benefit greatly from using WildWash. Also, close shaving the coat to get underneath the matted fur can cause sensitivity and sometimes even mild clipper burn. Using WildWash Shampoos, which contain no harsh chemicals will greatly reduce the risk of red or itchy skin. For close-clipped coats, we recommend using our WildWash Shampoo for Sensitive Coats, Puppies, Cats and Kittens.

  • WildWash Shampoos smell divine! How long does the scent last on the coat?

    WildWash Shampoos leave a pleasing, fresh, fragrance on the coat. These are subtle and gorgeous and we promise you will not get an overpowering, chemical smell either on your dogs or in your salon as all the perfumes in our Shampoos are made from 100% Pure Essential Oils.

  • I would like to try WildWash Detangle. How does it work?

    WildWash Detangle is an amazing Product which and contains Camellia Japonica instead of the harmful silicones contained in many detangling products. It should be used on a dry coat before the bathing. Simply spray generously on the mat or tangle, work in with fingers and the hairs will separate so that you can gently comb out without hair loss. This product is not designed to be used after bathing, as it does need to be shampooed out of the coat.

  • I run a small Grooming Salon from Home and only do a few dogs a week. Will my WildWash Shampoo go off?

    All of our Shampoos are protected by a wonderful natural preserving system and have an unopened shelf life of 2 years. Although we believe that they would be absolutely fine for much longer, we recommended they should be used within 9 months of opening, so there should be plenty of time to finish the Shampoo before expiry. 

    However, we also sell smaller bottles in a 300ml size, which contain exactly the same product as the 5 Litre Bottles and also dilute at 32-1. This size bottle will be enough for at least 10 washes and is always an alternative if you do very few dogs.

  • In what other ways is WildWash particularly safe for me to use?

    WildWash Products contain absolutely NO Parabens, Sulfates, Phosphates, Phthalates, Petrochemicals or PEGs. These chemicals, which can be found in many shampoos, can have devastating effects: 

    Parabens are preservatives, which stop chemical shampoos from going ‘off’. They can cause cancer as they mimic the hormone oestrogen and are turning up as evidence in breast tumours. 

    Phthalates are used as thickeners to make a product appear ‘more concentrated’ and can cause birth defects and…here’s one for the guys, reduced sperm count and immobility. 

    Petrochemicals are found in ALL Synthetic Fragrances and can leak into wastewater systems causing hyperactivity in children…..and another for the guys, sperm damage. 

    Phosphates replace soap in a lot of ‘soap free’ products and can leak into our water bodies destroying aquatic life and polluting ponds, lakes and rivers. 

    Sulphates, such as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, are used in most shampoos to create lather, bubbles and foam. It is a particularly nasty chemical that can be absorbed through the skin and can cause cancer and cataracts. 

    PEG’s are used as thickeners and emollients and are irritating, allergenic and can be toxic if taken orally. 

    WildWash contains none of the above and so will not cause any of these problems. Our Groomers tell us that they feel SAFE using WildWash.

  • How can WildWash help my business grow?

    We believe that WildWash is the best Pet Shampoo currently available. Your dogs will go out smelling beautiful, be super clean and will not have itchy skin caused by chemicals. Your staff will be happy in the knowledge that they are using a Safe Product and your Salon will smell like a Spa! We help you promote the use of WildWash with Posters, Information Leaflets and special Groomers Leaflets to let your clients know that you are using a Natural Range of Quality Shampoos on their pets. This will set you apart from your competition.